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SSC Parishes

These are links to parishes whose rectors are members of the Society. If your parish has a website that is not listed here, please send the address to me at: christophertcantrell@gmail.com

Episcopal Church, USA (ECUSA)

All Saints’ Church, Ashmont Anglo-Catholic in Boston, Fr. Michael Godderz SSC
Christ Episcopal Church, Woodbury, New Jersey -
The Church of the Resurrection, New York, New York - Fr. Barry Swain SSC
The Church of Saint Uriel the Archangel, Sea Girt, NJ,
St. John’s Church, Detroit Michigan, Frs. Steven Kelly SSC
St. Mary's Church, Burlington, New Jersey - Fr. J. Connor Haynes SSC
St. Michael & All Angels', Denver, Colorado, Fr. Trent Fraser, SSC
St. Michael’s By-The-Sea, Carlsbad, CA, Fr. Doran Stambaugh, SSC

The Church of England

All Hallows, Gospel Oak, Prebendary David Houlding, SSC
All Saints, Torre Torbay
, interregnum
Saint Alban, Holborn, Fr. Christopher Smith, SSC; Fr. Russell Stagg, SSC
Saint Augustine's, Kilburn, Fr. Colin Amos, SSC
Saint Barnabas, Beckenham, A church founded by SSC priests

Saint Barnabas, Tunbridge Wells, Fr. John Caster, SSC
Saint Benet, Fink, Tottenham, Fr. James Hill, SSC
Saint Cuthbert, Philbeach Gardens, Fr. Paul Bagott, SSC
The Bishop of Ebbsfleet, P.E.V.
Saint Gabriel, Pimlico, Fr Luke Irvine-Capel, SSC; Fr. Christopher Trundle, SSC
Saint Helen's Church, S. Helen, West Auckland, Canon Robert McTeer, SSC, Fr. Grant Naylor, SSC
Saint John the Baptist, Fleet Street, Coventry, Fr. Paul N. Such SSC
Church of Saint John the Baptist, Norwich, interregnum
Parish of Prittlewell Saint Luke, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, Fr. James McCluskey, SSC
Saint Mary the Virgin, Swanley, Fr. James Mowbray, SSC (on Facebook)
Saint Mary the Virgin, Wellingborough, Fr. Robert Farmer SSC
Saint Michael and All Angels, Abbey Wood, Father David Sherratt SSC
Saint Michael and All Angels with Saint James, Croydon, interregnum
Saint Nicholas' Church, Plumstead, London, Fr. Andrew Stevens SSC
Saint Peter's, London Docks, London, Fr. Trevor E Jones SSC
St Richard's, Aldwick, Bognor Regis, Fr Lawson Nagel SSC

The Church of Australia

All Saints’, Kooyong, Fr. Ian Hunter, SSC
All Saints’, Wickham Terrace, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia,
St Mark's, Fitzroy, Australia Church in Melbourne, Australia
St Stephen, Adamstown, Fr. Christopher Bird, SSC

The Southern Cone/ACNA

The Church of the Holy Apostles, Fort Worth, Texas, Fr. Joel Hampton SSC, Bp. Jack L. Iker SSC (retired)
The Diocese of Fort Worth, Bp. Ryan Reed SSC, Bp. Keith L. Ackerman, SSC
Saint Andrew’s Parish, Nashville, TN
Saint Francis' Church, Dallas, Texas - Fr. Timothy Matkin SSC

St. John’s Church
, Fort Worth, Texas, Fr. David Klein SSC
St. Laurence Church, Southlake, Texas,
Fr. John Jordan, SSC, Fr. Matthew Rogers, SSC, Dean William Crary, SSC, Fr. Scott Wilson, SSC, Fr. Robert Young, SSC
St. Mark’s Church
, Arlington, Texas - Canon John Cruikshank, SSC
, Fr. Terence Jordan, SSC
St. Matthias' Church, Dallas, Texas, Fr. Christopher T. Cantrell, SSC, Canon Dwight Duncan, SSC, Fr. Ivor Kraft, SSC
Saint Timothys Parish, Fort Worth, Texas -
Saint Vincent’s Cathedral Church, Fort Worth, Texas - Dean Mark Polley, SSC


The Anglican Catholic Church

The Church of the Holy Guardian Angels, Lantana, Florida - Fr. Sanford Sears, SSC

Diocese of the Holy Cross

Saint Peter's Anglican Church, Houston, Texas, Fr. Geordan Geddings, SSC

Anglican Province of America

Saint Barnabas Anglican Church, Dunwoody, Georgia, Bp. Chandler H. Jones, SSC

Anglican Church in America

Saint Columba's Anglican Church, Lancaster, California, Fr. William Bower SSC

Other Resources of interest

Project Canterbury This link will connect you to the SSC resources of the Project Canterbury Site. The site is devoted to publishing on the web works of Anglo-Catholic interest.

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The Guild of All Souls

The Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament

Forward in Faith

Saint Alban's, Holborn

A visit to St. Alban's Parish, you must read this account of a reporter's visit to Fr. Machonockie's parish.